Thursday, February 26, 2015

Supporter Spotlight: Dynamic Duo: Hue Tran and Grace DiCesare

Faces without Places is extremely proud of all the hard work and passion that Hue Tran and Grace DiCesare have exhibited in starting their Caring with Cookies in 2013.  They bake their delicious and healthy "Enormous Charitable Chip Cookies" and sell them at various events to raise awareness and money for children experiencing homelessness.  They recently raised over $800 directly for FwP. Their efforts were recognized on February 7th at the 7th Annual Difference Makers Award ceremony at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The business is providing them with not only a rewarding feeling of accomplishment and helping other children, but real business experience.  When they decided to launch their idea, they held several meetings to decide the best product for them to sell.  When asked what was the reason for their passion for helping homeless children, Hue stated that "they realized that homeless children did not have what Grace and I have and we wanted to help them."  Hue's passion has gone beyond just the cookie. Anytime FwP needs a fresh round of stuffed backpacks prepared, she is the first at the office.  She brings her music to get the volunteers in the mood and works with tremendous energy and focus. Grace added, "“We wanted to use our skill at baking to help others, and whenever we heard about a poor family on the news, we were worried and wanted to make sure these kids had good school supplies, and wouldn’t be stuck in a shelter all summer. What motivates us is knowing that these kids will get the life that they deserve  - the life that we take for granted every day.”

FwP is extremely proud of  Hue and Grace, and we are very thankful for all of their hard work. We see a very bright future for these two highly intelligent and dynamic young ladies!

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