Friday, March 27, 2015

Supporter Spotlight: Valerie Duplain

At the end of February, Faces without Places had to say goodbye to one of our most ardent supporters, Valerie Duplain.  Valerie was a retired home healthcare professional.  She was very passionate about her community and looked for an innovative way to give back.  In October of 2013, she opened "Treasures 4 Charity" in Walnut Hills.  The resale shop was designed so that 70% of the proceeds were divided out to several recipient agencies, FwP being one of them.  Since November of 2013, FwP received over $2,000 through Valerie's efforts.  Valerie contacted us at the end of 2014 to let us know that she was closing the shop by year end.  It is with heavy hearts that we honor this remarkable friend and give many thanks to the time that we shared with her.

To read an article about Valerie from June 2014, please click here.

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