Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Supporter Spotlight: Holiday WRAP Up!

Going into the holiday season, Faces without Places was flooded with lots of holiday cheer from our awesome network of friends. On a daily basis, the phone rang or emails were sent inquiring into the needs of the children. What do the kids need or want? How can we help? We want to host a holiday party. The inquires started in October! Here are some examples of how our friends stepped up to spread love and cheer.

Marty Karp, Event Coordinator at the Contemporary Art Center (CAC), hosted his annual toy drive in honor of Jonnie Stephenson. On December 5th, Marty hosted a party at the CAC and donated 700 toys to FwP! Marty had all the toys divided per age group, boy vs. girls, so delivery was a snap! Thank you, Marty, for being such a fantastic friend!

FwP Board member Whitney Westrich and several of her friends sponsored two families for the holidays. They shopped for and wrapped amazing presents. They then met with Shelley Werner, Program Director, during the week of December 15th to drop off the gifts. The children and moms were overjoyed with the kindness. It was a wonderful day for these two families.

Michelle Wartman of Fidelity Investments reached out to host a holiday party. FwP connected them with the Interfaith Hospitality Network shelter in Walnut Hills. On December 19th, Michelle and her team provided holiday spirit for seven families, ten adults and fifteen children. Thank you, Michelle and Fidelity Investments, for being such awesome partners!

These are just a few stories detailing the wonderful support and partnerships that took place this holiday season, but we wish to thank everyone who pulled together to make the holidays brighter for so many children​: The Keller Group, Holiday Helpers from Fidelity, Mike Due and his Dollar Bill Ambush, Joe Tekulve, Karen Fessler and Innovative Student Loan Solutions, Jessica Hassloch and KPMG, Tracey Kastelic, Tracey Power, and Bake Me Home.

With all the toys, coats, mittens, hats and scarves donated, Faces without Places was able to assist about 800 children just during the holidays!

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