Thursday, June 7, 2012

Volunteer at Goettafest to Benefit Faces without Places

GoettaFest is just that, a Festival dedicated to all things Goetta!  The first GoettaFest was held in 2001 and the Festival just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.  GoettaFest is held on the banks on the Ohio River on the Kentucky side at, Newport on the Levee.

This year Faces without Places has the opportunity to staff all the games at the festival—but we need your help, get your church, sports team, colleagues, friends, and family to sign up and help us raise some funds for children experiencing homelessness.  The funds raised through the games at Goettafest will to Faces without Places, allowing us to provide resources to children experiencing homelessness.

Faces without Places works to keep children and youth experiencing homelessness connected to their education. Faces without Places was founded in 1998 to support children experiencing homelessness in Greater Cincinnati. $5,000 was raised to provide a bus to bring children experiencing homelessness to a summer program.  FwP provides enrichment, summer programming, transportation, uniforms, supplies, field trips, and specialized services to over 3,000 children experiencing homelessness each year.

Dates and Times:
Thursday, August 2nd: 5-11pm
Friday, August 3rd: 5-11pm
Saturday, August 4th: noon-11
Sunday, August 5th: noon-9

Duck Pond
Goetta Toss
Goetta Ring Toss
High Striker
Fish Bowl Toss
Stand the Bottle Up
Watermelon Seed Spitting

Contact to get involved today!

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