Thursday, May 24, 2012

Put the Fun in Fundraising!

Having a birthday party for a FwP can be quite rewarding. Rather than accepting birthday presents one year, consider asking your friends to buy things for a local charity that you strongly support. Not only would children experiencing homelessness benefit from your friends and families efforts, but a few other positive outcomes may arise. Imagine the satisfaction and selflessness that would come along with organizing such a party. Also imagine the feeling of pure joy you will receive when you donate to FwP knowing you have really made a difference. And now that all of those friends and family that are now aware of the organization you support, it may inspire them to do a similar party or maybe volunteer with that particular organization. Doing such a selfless service may have a ripple effect in those around you and can only bring about positive outcomes. Donations, awareness, and the feeling of satisfaction are all awaiting you if you just take the time to have a party for a cause.

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