Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Community Lunch

Summer Program started this week and today was the first Community Lunch for the kids. They loved it! Each Wednesday a group comes to camp with a delicious lunch they've prepared, they serve it and then enjoy the meal with the children. Today, The Gathering, a church in Over The Rhine provided a delicious taco lunch for the kids. We were so happy, because just two weeks ago we were still looking for someone to take on this lunch. Our friend Ed Green organized his church and they came in today and took charge!

Tacos, rice, bean and corn salsa, apple slices and a cookie--the kids loved it and it fits right in with our theme of healthy choices this summer. The kids are Movin It Cincinnati Style with exercises to music upon arrival and they're recording every minute moved during the camp.

This is the 13th year for our summer camp. Two buses pick up children from 12 bus stops at homeless shelters and motels in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. After 'Movin It', they get breakfast, cycle through reading, math and cultural studies sessions, get lunch and an afternoon filled with trips to the pool, enrichment, and mini field trips. Once a week they go on a major field trip. Yesterday they Rode the Ducks, were treated to Burger King and the Shrek 4 movie. Talk about 'happy campers!'

We look forward to more visits from our community, along with many new experiences for our campers!
Thanks to the wonderful volunteers from The Gathering!

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