Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids Connection at Krohn Conservatory

The thank you notes from children participating in this year's Kid Connection were creative, thoughtful and sometimes pretty funny. This is the third year for Kids Connection, a program that Krohn Conservatory and PC/FWP created to bring opportunities to learn about butterflies and other cultures to children at disadvantaged schools.

I was able to attend two of the sessions this year and they were pretty amazing. Butterflies this year are from Japan, so crafts, lessons and stories are wrapped around Japanese culture. This year volunteers Patti Minbiole and Zell Schulman read the story of Inchkin (a Japanese version of Tom Thumb), and taught the kids that they are as tall as they feel.

Krohn treated the children to pizza and fruit cups, while our friends at Costco provided drinks and dessert. After lunch, the children were able to color and create a fan, and go through the butterfly show. Krohn sent each child home with their own Butterfly Show bag including a book about cherry blossoms and for those visiting before Mother's Day, free passes to treat mom. 

A second grader from Westwood Elementary said it was the best day of his life! That made me pretty happy and a little sad at the same time; but it reinforced the fact that these kinds of opportunities are very important to children who don't usually get out of their own neighborhood.

Our thanks to Bill Hutchinson for chairing this committee and to all of the volunteers and supporters who help us pull it off. The Butterfly Show is open through June 20th - check it out!

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