Friday, March 12, 2010

UC Students Raising Funds and Spreading Awareness

As UC students wrap up their winter quarter, FWP, PC and children experiencing homelessness are reaping the benefit of their service learning.

Represent the "C" students from Molly Mayer's Business Communication class are pictured here. Their goldfish race fundraiser at Uncle Woody's raised over $255 for homeless students and they came with inkind donations for the kids backpacks and great UC apparel donated by UC's Athletic Department.

Michael Sharp's Persuasive Speaking students have also made an impact this quarter raising both funds and awareness. Quarters for Kids was a reverse happy hour fundraiser held at Red on March 4 - it raised over $700 for children experiencing homelessness - with the goal of providing quarters for bus transfers.

Another group of students from Sharp's class focused on the awareness aspect canvassing campus to quiz and educate others about family homelessness - see the YouTube video here. They have also set up a blog to get the word out: and created their own Facebook group.

We cannot thank these students enough for their hands-on efforts and the wonderful results that have come about!

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