Monday, March 1, 2010

Homeless Teens

Reporter Mark Curnutte spent weeks researching his in-depth article on homeless teens that was featured in the Sunday Forum Enquirer on Sunday, February 21st. 
Homeless Teens is a great piece about the increase in teens experiencing homelessness, and we've received calls from many caring citizens wanting to help. Curnutte offers snapshots of three teens who are on their own and some cases, on the street. It's eye opening and heart-breaking.

Last year, PC served 381 unaccompanied youth and we expect that number to be even higher this year. Check out the blog post on Thursday, October 29th for more information about unaccompanied youth (teens experiencing homelessness).  

One important correction to the article is Curnutte's statement about Faces Without Places. He says in 2009 FWP provided $5,000 for a summer bus. In fact, that was the first fundraiser FWP undertook in 1998. In 2009 FWP provided over $141,000 to assist children experiencing homelessness in greater Cincinnati!  

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