Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Who can believe it's 2010?

I cannot believe that half the school year is gone and now I know the reason why it's gone so quickly--a 32% increase in the number of identified homeless children.

As of yesterday, Project Connect had identified 2,019 students experiencing homelessness. The same time last year, we had identified 1,534. Quite a difference. And we're feeling it.

Today our staff had a planning meeting. Our 'resolution': Serve more children, while increasing or maintaining our high level of quality. This definitely requires a strategy. With more calls and more services than ever, we are wondering how we're doing it, but we are committed both individually and as a team to make it happen.

I heard similar commitment at the Faces Without Places board meeting last week. What a great group of dedicated volunteers. They have a strategic plan that has some really aggressive fund raising and awareness goals and they are energized to take the steps to get there.

Please take one minute to think about how you can support the extra 32% of children out there who are struggling to stay stable in school while homeless. We can use your help. This is your resolution: Tell at least one friend about these children, this blog, the FWP website, and the Friends of FWP/PC email list.

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