Friday, December 4, 2009

Giving His Time & His Heart - Bill Hutchinson

As one staff member put it, "Bill seems to set the standard for Volunteering. He's compassionate about the cause and he never stops short of thinking of ways to help. He goes beyond the act of volunteering and he does it because he cares about the welfare and lives of children. Bill is just a Great Person with a BIG Heart!!!"

Yes, this is a picture of our own Bill Hutchinson, volunteer extraordinaire. Bill is the best ambassador for FWP, PC, and children experiencing homelessness that you will ever meet.

It seems that the class of K-2 students at Northern Hills Synagogue in Deerfield Township agreed. They sent the nicest thank you note after Bill visited them to discuss issues facing homeless children.

Bill's made this his passion for over a decade now and he's done it all--FWP board member and/or officer, Vista Volunteer position with PC, Community Shares Liaison, Change 4 Change presenter, recruiting new supporters, and all the nitty-gritty stuff we have around the office (painting, packing back packs, putting together new tables, you name it). His strength as a volunteer comes from his heart. He takes this stuff seriously and personally, and it shows every time he talks with someone.

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