Friday, August 29, 2014

Supporter Spotlight: Sue Schofield and Fifth Third Bank

Sue Schofield has been a longtime supporter of Faces without Places.  This month, she took her involvement to the next level by coordinating a tremendously successful back-to-school drive at her workplace, Fifth Third Bank.  The drive, a true team-effort at Fifth Third, resulted in over 120 backpacks and 15 boxes of school and personal-hygiene supplies!  This massive donation was extremely valuable to Faces without Places and will make an enormous difference for local children experiencing homelessness as they return to school.  Here is more information about the drive and the team at Fifth Third Bank that put it together!

Fifth Third Bank’s Corporate Services Community Involvement Team (CIT) was created several years ago to strengthen employee engagement while giving back to the community.   The CIT represents one of the many community services teams at the Bank engaging in worthwhile community activities.  The CIT’s primary responsibility is to identify and coordinate quarterly employee engagement service activities for Compliance Risk Management (CRM), Legal and Government Relations staff that improve the well-being of underserved consumers and communities within our region. 

Each quarter the Community Involvement Team (CIT) solicits suggestions from team members on potential partnering organizations focused on targeted populations (our 3rd Quarter target population was LMI students).  Since team member Sue Schofield personally has volunteered in the past for GoettaFest, Mt Adams Events, and attended the Chili Cook-off and the Yellow Bus Ball and has been a strong supporter of the work of Faces without Places she was thrilled to present the FwP partnering opportunity to the team.

The Corporate Service Community Involvement Team in partnership with a few other areas of the Bank hosted a robust Backpack and Supply Drive in early August prior to the beginning of the school year.  Over 120 backpacks and 15 boxes of school and personal-hygiene supplies were collected during this 10 day effort. 

Employees were determined and committed to making sure that children experiencing homelessness had the necessary supplies to help them succeed in school.  Many made heartfelt donations of several items while other made financial donations.  Volunteer personal shoppers used the money collected to purchase additional supplies.  It really was a team effort.

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