Thursday, November 21, 2013

Supporter Spotlight on a Shelter Provider: Bridget S.

      This month, we would like to spotlight a type of supporter who supports us in different ways than our volunteers and donors.  In order to reach the children that Faces without Places serves, we work to build relationships with homeless shelters, schools, school districts and other social service agencies.  Today, we would like to acknowledge the support we receive from our contacts at shelters in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  Without them, we would be unable to connect the children residing at the shelters with our educational and enrichment programming and the school supplies, uniforms, and other things that they need to stay connected to their education.  One of the shelters that we work with is The Women’s Crisis Center (WCC) in Northern Kentucky, where women who have suffered domestic violence and/or sexual assault can go for shelter and assistance in recovery.    
      Bridget S*. is the Child Advocate at WCC and she works with the children who come into the shelter to support them through a difficult time, advocate for their rights, and provide educational and enrichment services to help them move forward to a more stable future.  She has worked with us to enroll children in The Yellow Bus Summer Camp, to throw a successful birthday party at the shelter, and has been a My Little Library partner since May of this year.  Bridget has been crucial in making the My Little Library program what it is today, by welcoming volunteers into the adorable child care room they have, and always being on hand for any questions or concerns.
     Her ability to see the assets and attributes of each child is inspiring.  She is a calming presence who talks patiently and kindly with the kids, and provides a wonderful example for how to deal with serious circumstances while still laughing and smiling.  We feel lucky to work with shelter staff like Bridget who not only work with us to effectively provide educational services, but also provide feedback and support in growing and expanding our programs so that they will be sustainable for years to come. 
  * Last name not supplied for confidentiality reasons. 

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