Thursday, May 30, 2013

Supporter Spotlight: Fundraising Superstars!

       For the month of May, in honor of all the students graduating this year, Faces without Places wants to shine the spotlight on two of our inspiring high school supporters. There are many high schools throughout Cincinnati who have shown their support for us through Shantytowns, Birthday Clubs, donation drives and much more. Today, we would like to spotlight two sophomores who attend Milford High School in Milford, Ohio. Both students are members of the Milford Key Club, a group that loves to find ways to give back. We first met them in December 2012, when the Milford Key Club manned the giftwrapping table at Barnes & Nobles to raise money for the educational services FwP provides for children experiencing homelessness. Recently, Morgan and Amanda organized a fundraiser within their freshman class to benefit FwP that raised $1253.00. Morgan and Amanda say that they were motivated to raise the money because they "enjoy that FwP helps homeless children with their education because [they] think that education is very important in making our community a better place and fighting poverty.”
       Their proudest supporter moment to date has been when FwP’s Executive Director Ramin Mohajer, and our Operations and Development Coordinator Beth Griffith-Niemann went to Milford High School to personally thank Morgan and Allison, and the freshman class for collecting such an impressive amount of money to help us provide children experiencing homelessness with education essentials and the unforgettable experience of summer camp. Morgan and Allison look forward to continuing to inform their school about homelessness and to raise awareness about Faces without Places and what we do in and for the community. We look forward to working with them in the next school year and beyond!


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