Monday, April 30, 2012

Children Experiencing Homelessness Receive Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Frederick Douglass Elementary has one of the largest numbers of students experiencing homelessness this school year with over sixty children affected. Through the program “Education without Boundaries,” students are given the opportunity to work towards an educational field trip to Chicago (fourth and fifth grade) and Washington DC (sixth through eighth grade) at the end of the school year by maintaining high grades, consistent attendance, and good behavior. 

The total cost of the trip is $600 and the students worked with the school to fundraise for half of the trip, leaving the other half to be paid for by the student’s family. Due to the financial status of the children experiencing homelessness, their parents have been unable to provide the other half. 

Faces without Places is providing the remaining funds to support the 14 students experiencing homelessness to have this once in a lifetime academic opportunity. Enabling these students to go on the field trip will allow the students to learn about history, culture, college and the multitude of opportunities outside of Cincinnati.

Faces without Places will be presented a check amounted $4,200 to the program’s lead teachers and principal of the school on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at 1pm. 


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