Thursday, February 24, 2011

Visit with Leslie

Hello all, on Thursday the 17th of Feb. I had an opportunity to visit our Project Connect staff
person, Leslie Hattemer at Woodward High School. Leslie works with young kids at Woodward
that are experiencing homelessness.

I arrived in the middle of a counseling session, Leslie was talking to a student who had just become homeless and was going to be 18 about the second week in March.

It was a very emotional and sorrowful experience for the student. I kept wondering how this kid was going to get through the next several weeks and months with all the life changing decisions he would dealing with, i.e. now homeless with no parent nearby, living in a shelter with no friends, a whole different life.

The kid kept his composure and seemed really tuned into what Leslie was saying about the Lighthouse Shelter which would soon become his new home.  I couldn't see any easy, kick back times for this young man but he impressed me as a survivor.

I got choked up with the experience. I'm sure it was difficult time for this kid, but without Leslie, it could have been much, much worse.

When the session ended, I felt so proud of being connected to a project called "Project Connect".  All the P C  staff are the most caring group of people, they literally change the world for the better every day. I feel blessed to pay a small role in their success, thanks for listening.

Bill Hutchinson

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