Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grant Warms Children

What takes 4 vehicles to transport; 3 hours to purchase; and 2 months to distribute? 1 very timely grant!

Last week Faces Without Places received a grant from the Weathering the Economic Storm Fund, a partnership of 19 funders, managed by The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. This grant will help FWP outfit over 150 homeless children with warm coats this season and help identify delays or disabilities in children 0-5 who are experiencing homelessness.

We've gotten a start on each of these projects! Our Preschool Screening Program has been implemented at Bethany House already and yesterday we brought over 150 coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and thermals back to the office. We've had families calling for a month looking for a coat-it is so great to be able to deliver one right into their hands instead of making a referral that should (but may not) work out.

We're so grateful for this support from the funders at GCF. Check back to see the impact these dollars have made on the lives of young children experiencing homelessness.

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