Thursday, September 3, 2009

Children Take Action

I've been struck lately by the amount of children who take it upon themselves to help out. They are some of the most caring citizens in our community!

When Jonah overheard his mother (PC staffer Rebeka Beach) talk about the difficulties homeless children face with transportation to and from school, the 8 year old decided that he wanted to help. Soliciting the help of his 2 best friends, he spent last Friday evening baking cookies and making lemonade for a fund raiser for bus transfer quarters. They made several pitchers of lemonade along with jello and 3 dozen cookies. Next they worked together to advertise, developing a poster titled, "Helping Hands for the Homeless". Early Saturday morning the fund raiser was under full swing, earning $40.00 for a total of 160 transfers! Quarters only please !!

A few weeks ago I also received a call about two girls who did a fundraiser to help several homeless charities. Bridget (2nd grade student at North Avondale Montessori) & Cloey (Kindergartner at Pleasant Ridge Montessori) wanted to help the homeless, so they made up some signs and stood on their Pleasant Ridge corner asking for donations. Their neighbors contributed nearly $40 to their cause! Bridget used some of that money to purchase spirals, folders and notebook paper for PC students.

We can all learn from these children. They are compassionate, caring, innovative, and most importantly, they take action!

These entrepreneurs will be featured as part of our Wall of Fame to be introduced at the Annual Benefit, October 9th. You can see other creative community fundraisers on the Wall of Fame page of FWP.

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