Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PC Staff for the New School Year

Holy cow! We are swamped.

Most CPS schools started today and the phones never stopped ringing. Then there were the 30 calls that slipped through to voicemail. For the most part parents are being patient and we are giving out tons of information along with services for those that qualify.

The biggest bummer is the lack of resources out there for non-homeless families. It stinks to have to tell someone you can't help them. Most requests are for uniform vouchers or transportation. These are still the biggest education challenges faced by poverty-stricken Cincy citizens (including our homeless families).

If you know of families in need of uniforms, please inform them that schools cannot punish or refuse services to children out of uniform (unless they provide one to the student) - it's against the law.

The best part of this school year so far is our staff! We are still unable to hire permanent employees, but have been allowed to hire three consultants: Marthe Church, serving K-8 schools; Leslie Hattemer, serving students at Woodward (our high school with the highest population of homeless students); and Rachel Champlin, serving high school students. Our team has been tremendous so far--we a positive outlook and expect great things this school year.

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